Tips About Hawaii Concerts

Here are some tips about Hawaii concert packages. Be sure to choose a tour operator who knows their music and the culture of Hawaii. If you’re going to the islands, do yourself a favor and see the music!

If you want to see the music from the island of Oahu, book an Oahu concert tour with HI Productions. They’re known for their musical performances, beautiful landscapes, and environment tours. Make sure you go early to get your seats and prepare for the show! You can also get away from the crowds to sit in the middle of the stage and take in the sights.

Consider one of the popular Oahu shows on the horizon. You’ve probably heard of The Back Seat Boys. An authentic, yet overlooked songwriter from Hawaii. Their band, featuring musicians Bruce Acord and Frank Nielsen, also plays the famed Hollywood Bowl. The Back Seat Boys is not only passionate about playing live music, but they also love the mountains and the ocean. You can also get more information about hawaii concerts

HI Productions tours begin the first Saturday of every month at 11 am. You’ll have the best seats in the house for the Back Seat Boys concert. It’s a truly enjoyable experience that’s not available anywhere else.

If you prefer a Hawaiian song, you should consider Hawaii Concerts from Hawaii Hiroshima, which showcases artists from Oahu and the Islands. Honolulu residents will agree that Hiroshima has a laid back vibe and is great to catch when the weather isn’t too hot. The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra and the Hula Sisters perform every Tuesday at the Kim Eihei Performing Arts Center.

With one of the most renowned sopranos in the world, The Hula Sisters, the overall package from HI Hiroshima includes an inside look at Japan’s oldest opera troupe. They also play the renowned Hollywood Bowl every Wednesday. Watch the lively Hula Brothers perform on the multi-tiered stage.

Houstonians have it easier than those in the other islands. At the Gallery of Contemporary Art, you can enjoy a classic concert of Hawaiian or American music by Grammy Award winning musician, Jim Quayle. He performs every Friday at the Snug Harbor Convention Center.

Book tickets early and visit these great shows! And of course, have a picnic outside while you’re there! It’s always nice to give back to the land.

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